Vinum Rotweinpreis 2015 und 2016

Vinum 2015

3. Platz   2013er Dernauer Hardtberg Großes Gewächs in der Kategorie "Deutsche Klassiker"

Vinum 2016

3. Platz 2014er Dernauer Hardtberg Großes Gewächs in der Kategorie "Deutsche Klassiker

Bester 2014er Jahrgang in der Kategorie "Spätburgunder" Sonnenberg GG !!

AHRWEIN DES JAHRES 2015 und 2016

Ahrwein des Jahres 2015 in der Kategorie "bester gereifter Spätburgunder":

1. Platz    2008er Sonnenberg "Großes Gewächs"

3. Platz    2006er Silberberg "Großes Gewächs"


Ahrwein des Jahres 2016 in der Kategorie "Kultwein"

2. Platz 2014er Schieferlay " Großes Gewächs"

Ahrwein des Jahres 2016 in der Kategorie "Frühburgunder"

2. Platz  2014er Hardtberg  "Großes Gewächs"

Auszeichnungen Neuenenahrer Sonnenberg GG Jahrgang 2014

Eichelmann- Germany's 2014

[...] Last year’s collection was particularly impressive [...]

The first wines sampled from 2011 were fruity, fresh, clear and intense. The Kreuzbergs have bottled something most impressive. The large growth, Devon slate R and RR head up a great collection. One of Germany’s biggest winners this year!
4 stars – “Brilliant producer”

Germany’s Collection of the Year 2011
“A pleasing upwards trend in Dernau. The Wine-growing estate belonging to Ludwig Kreuzberg has been on the up for several years and has been one of the Ahr’s best estates for a long time. However, the Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir Précoce from 2008 has been a great success for the family business.
The wines are wonderfully structured, showing clean and lasting fruity aromas and posess class and elegance thanks to their perfectly integrated acidity and fine tannins.
The Pinot Noir from the Devonian slate stands out from this most harmonious collection as an example of elegant Burgundy style. [...]”

“2010 Ahr valley collection of the year”
“2013 Ahr valley collection of the year”
4 stars “Brilliant producer with an international platform”

Weinguide 2014
3 grapes: Very good producers, who have delivered consistently high quality for many years.

The best 100 German Wine-growing Estates 2014
The list of the 100 best German Wine-growing estates, in which we have been featured since 1994, is published annually by leading German wine journalists.

Der Feinschmecker

The wine-growing estate H.J. Kreuzberg in Dernau produces wines of excellent quality, thus ensuring its status as one of the best estates in Germany.